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W I T H O U T   M A S K

Questions & Answers  

Question: I work in a group home and one of the residents, every once in awhile, takes off all her clothes and runs naked through the home. There are male residents there, too, and I am concerned about the inappropriatness of her behaviour and why she would want to do this.

Answer: She is trying to tell you that she has been raped and that she feels threatened when there are men around. Their presence triggers her subconscious and it is her subconcious that is trying to communicate with you since her conscious mind cannot bear to know the truth of what happened.

Question: I was visiting a friend in the hospital and she was wearing her underwear over her street clothes. Sometimes, she even puts them on top of her head. Why does she do this?

Answer: She is saying that someone in her past forcefully tore all her clothes off and sexually abused, maybe even raped her. When she puts her underwear on top of her head she is trying to tell others that she was psychologically raped as well as physically. The sexual abuse has become her whole world.

Question: Almost everyday a man walks by our house with balloon animals on his head. He has lately also started wearing a purple blanket like a cape even when the weather is warm. What is wrong with him?

Answer: He uses the balloons to say that something happened to him in his childhood and the purple blanket means he is protecting a broken heart.