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W I T H O U T   M A S K

Your Voice

Most websites on schizophrenia do not have an opportunity for sufferers to express themselves. This page, therefore, is for you and you alone.

I'm really glad you have this website and that you allow me to speak because I have a lot to say. However, for now I will just tell you this: I am really mad because whenever I go to my psychiatrist he only talks about my medications and never has time to discuss anything personal with me. I never get to say what's really on my mind. I sometimes get the feeling that if someone would just talk to me, to listen once in awhile, maybe I could get things out. Maybe I could get better, somehow.

Thanks again! Beverley K., Canada

What makes me really furious is that my family does not believe I can ever get better and so they are always on me about my meds. They also treat me like a two year old like I'm stupid or something. I would like to be treated with a little more dignity and respect. I don't understand why they think I don't deserve any just because I have been labelled 'mentally ill'.

Robert W., Scotland

I am angry at the mental health system because MY needs are NEVER met because they think I can never recover. They think I will always be on the system. That I will never get a job, never get married, never be me. To get better I have to believe that I can and if everyone else is telling me I can't it makes it very hard for me to go on.

Albert E., USA