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When I was a child
My Dad touched me somewhere.
Without any love,
Without any care.

For my thoughts, my mind, my heart, my soul,
Wrenching me apart, never to be whole.
Leaving a gap,Like the Grand Canyon,
With the morbid fear of death, my only companion.
What pain . . . . . What pain!

Confused and angry, a bitter young man;
A scared rabbit scattering through life in circles,
Trying to understand.

Why did this happen to a little boy like me?
Why was I so bad, why was I so evil, I could not see.
When I stare in the mirror, Why is it only the devil I see?
Is there an answer for someone as wicked as me?
What pain  . . . . . What pain!

What did this little guy ever do to anyone?
Or, was I just born the wrong man's son?
His mother, his brother, and another, all had their turn.
But why did my soul have to burn?

I went to hell, I`ve been there and back,
So many damned times now, that I`ve lost track.
How do I forgive, when I look back?

But, I got lucky and I met a friend.
She's still with me now, right till the end.
Now that I'm old, now that I'm grey
Sixty years of tears still can't wash the pain away.
What pain . . . . What pain!

This could happen to you.
 It happened to me.
Let`s stamp this out now,
For eternity.
Make our children sacred!
As they should be!

I'll soon be gone, my youth is spent.
And at heaven's gate my clothes I'll wrent.
What pain . . . . . What pain!

This is my story and now it's been told.
I now stride with pride for I broke the mold.

                  George Albert Kelsey

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